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Will Pastel Chalk Damage Hair?

Hair color chalk has been the hottest trend this season and many teens are wearing colorful hair dyed by pastel chalk. While there are some guys who also love this trend but  they are just afraid this item will damage their hair. Since i have used this new hair dye product for few months, i would like to share experience with you.

Actually this hair color chalk will stain your hair if not proper used. This pastel chalk is fun and very good for a temporary hair color, but remember that they are NOT professional hair color dye product so don’t use it too often. And you’d better use some water spray and some hair moisturizing products. Coz some guys may found their hair become quite dry after chalking it. In this case you should pay more attention to care your hair before and after chalking.

Hair color rub hair chalk by Haircolorchalks.com

Hair color rub hair chalk by Haircolorchalks.com

Here are some instructions that will be good for your hair when chalking it up:

&Don’t chalk your hair too often. There is no problem that you want a new look after work for the night out or party, but never chalk your hair everyday.

&Water spray your hair before chalking and apply some moisturizer for your hair after wash the chalk out.

&Chalk your hair slightly in one direction.

Choose the best temporary hair dye product is another way to make sure your hair away from damage. Hair color rub is the new generation of hair chalk. Compared with hair chalk, color rub is easy to carry and pigment better.What is more, this item is specially created for hair chalking. If possible, we suggest you try some color rub for your hair.

Where to Buy Hair Color Chalk and Color Rubs?

Temporary hair dye is one of the most hottest topic this season. Many stylish people and salons are trying to figure out whether this trend works well. Or they are just another crazy fads after feather fashion. Where to buy hair color chalk or color rub? I saw many folks are asking questions like this.

where to buy cheap wholesale hair color rub, hair color chalk

HairColorChalks.com is on this hair chalking business. We are a young company of creative and passionate people who love colors and imagination. Our products includes hair color chalk and hair color rub, which are the most trendy temporary hair dying product this season.

Everyone from hipsters to children to Hollywood celebrities is embracing the runway fad for brightly colored hair, using soft pastel chalk and color rub. They wash out in the shower, allowing for temporary rocker style. There is no commitment, no complicated instructions, you can easily change your hair color with your mood! Our Hair chalk and color rub work for any types of hairs(blond,black, brown or red!).

At any given time,at least one of us is sure to have hair chalk or rub in our hair. We are selling a product which we really in love with and we are using it ourselves! We ship worldwide with very affordable price and very good quality. To encourage small business like us, we also wholesale our good products to many distributors with nice discounts.

If you have interest in this hair chalking items, just let your friends know.

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