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Hair Chalk For Black Hair? Does that Even Work?

After we started this blog, we have got plenty of feedback from our readers who kept asking the same question:

“I know hair chalk works for brown hairs, but my hair is black (very black!), does hair chalk even work for my hair?”

We can totally understand the concern about it, it is tough to see the hair chalking trend around but can not make the decision to join the trend. So here (and once again), we are answering this question in this post.

If you want a simple and brief answer, then it is YES! Black hair girls can use hair chalk too.

And when we digged into the question a little bit more, we can see why our readers asked this question is because there are tons of rumours saying that hair chalk is not for black hair. Why?  After reading lots of posts on internet and social network. We found the main reason for this situation.

Lots of people use Pastel hair chalks instead of makeup pack soft hair chalk.  And it turned out the pastel chalk is not the good option for black hair. (I will tell you why later!)

The reason for this is because of the different ingredients of these two kinds of chalks. The pastel chalk has more volume of  calcium carbonate in the ingredients and the physical property will be more hard and rigid,  when you tried to rub the pastel chalks to your hair, with the same dosage, the color will adhere to your hair much less than makeup pack hair chalks(which is softer). And with the same volume, colors will show up easily on light color hairs(blonde, brown) but it is difficult to show up on black hair.  That’s the reason why many girls think pastel hair chalk does not work for black hair. The fact is the the color DOES stick to black hair, but it DOES NOT SHOW well.  See below picture:

The same purple color show up great on blonde hair but less on brown hair, think about it, if it is black hair, the look will be even worse.

So here comes the suggestion for all you girls with black hair: Do not use Pastel chalk, use Makeup pack hair chalks! (shop make up pack here), if you have any experience with hair chalking for black or brown hair, please do not hesitate to comment below to share your idea with us. We love to hear from you.


Hair Chalk-What’s the difference between the Stick chalk and “Round Container” pack hair chalk?

We have got many fans’ feedback about the question” I saw many merchants taking two different hair chalks, some are packed with box set and chalks are stick ones, and some are packed with round plastic container( looks like the eyeshadow), so what’s the difference between these two chalks?” or What  kind of chalk should I buy?

Well, actually this is a good question cause we can not find any answerse on internet so we decided to answer the questions by ourselves.

At first, when the hair chalk was “officially” became a product, there was only boxed pack hair chalks like this:

The first product of hair chalk is made by pastel chalk which is not designed for “hair dying” at all, it was for drawing pictures(that’s what chalks do, right?), and some beauty guru found it is also good for hair coloring, so they brought this trend to the public. Very soon, it became very popular. And some merchants developed new ingredients and made new chalk sticks which were specially good for hair coloring.  These new chalks were made by softer materials and had better coloring attribute.  People always can not tell which is the chalk for drawing pictures which are professional hair chalks, because they look exact the same, except the package will tell which is hair chalk.

These hair chalks are fund and easy enough to use.(it’s never been difficult, to be honest!). But then some big players in the market, like some cosmetic factories found a better way to pack the hair chalk powder. They use the eye shadow container to pack hair chalk powder.  This is a big progress because the hair chalk product became more easy to carry and storage. Usually when we use the pastel sticks, it was almost one-time thing, because we do not know how to stock the rest of one stick. But with these new packs of hair chalks, we do not have such problem. We just close the cover and chalk will be safe.

So in fact, the boxed hair chalk and makeup pack hair chalks are the same kind of product but only with different packs. But here I still want to answer some of the most concerned questions.

1. Is the two chalks the same?  For ingredients?

Answer: basically the same. But some brands of makeup pack hair chalks are much softer to use so I think they added some more materials to it.

2. Which kind of hair chalks are better for me?

Answer: It all depends on you. If you like the wild experience of DIY hair chalk at home, you should buy boxed hair chalks. If you want to carry them easily, you should my makeup pack.

3. Which kind of hair chalk better for brown/black hair?

Answer: The makeup pack. It is tested and the makeup pack hair chalk works better on dark hairs. The colors will be rubbed on easier than pastel chalks.

4. Why the makeup pack hair chalk more expensive?

Answer: yes, I noticed that too. I guess the reason is that they use better packages and they are mostly from big manufacturers or brands, so the price are higher.


What is the best brand of hair chalk? Hair chalking Review!

In This post we will review the most famous hair chalk brands for you, not like two years ago, now hair chalking is right on trend and most of the cosmetic brands all have released their own hair chalk product. So sometimes it made us a little complex to choose the best product for us. But after reading this post, I am sure you will make the good decision.

1. Hot Huez Hair chalk

Hot huez hair chalk is released in early 2013, now I have seen their products every where, like walmart., and many online outlets. When I tried to google ” hot huez”, there are 1,100,000 results about hot huez hair chalks.   And I did a little research about the brand, and found there are as many positive reviews as bad reviews.

The main negative feedback about hot huez hair chalks are:

Bad package, many customers complain that the round container broken when received their products.

Do not work for brown hair.

Very few colors available, only pink, blue, green, purple 4 colors.

And we will give hot huez 3 stars.

Offcial site: http://www.hothuez.com/

2. Haircolorchalk.com

Haircolorchalk.com is the original hair chalking brand.  They released their first branch of product at early 2012. When I tried to google haircolorchalk.com, I found 14900 searching results.  When I tried to find reviews about this company, I didn’t really find a lot of materials. There are very few bad reviews, also very few positive reviews. But I did find they are in some big trading show. So I assume the product quality is good.

The only issue about this brand is that they sell their hair chalk at high prices, $15.99/PC for a single hair chalk container. That’s way higher than hot huez.

Official site: http://haircolorchalk.com

We give it 4 Stars.

3. Loreal hair chalk

This is another brand of hair chalk products.  There are 70200 results about “Loreal hair chalk”. Actually they do not only carry hair chalk, they also have many other traditonal hair dying products. The have the same issue with hot huez, they only got 4 colors of hair chalk products, green, orange, purple, blue.

There are a lot of good reviews about these products.

We give it 4 stars.

Official site: http://us.lorealprofessionnel.com/products/haircolor/index-haircolor/hairchalk/Hairchalk-Garden-Party

5. Kisspat Hair Chalk.

This is a brand released in early 2012. They are the first brand to carry customized “pastel chalks”, like many other brands, they also produce round “makeup” pack hair color chalk products. The good thing about this brand is they have the a lot of different items of hair chalks. For pastel chalks, they have 6 pack, 12 pack, 24 pack and 48 packs. For single colors, they have pink, purple, black, white, red, green, lime, blue, orange ….

If you want to find more colors of hair chalk, you should not miss this brand.  The prices are decent. The bad side of this company is they do not sell hair chalks offline, so you can not buy them at local store or outlets.

When tried to search “kisspat hair chalk”, there are 13400 results found in google. They did a lot of reviews from bloggers and youtube channels, so the quality should be decent.

Official site: http://kisspat.com/hair/hair-chalk.html

We give it 4 stars!




How to Remove Hair Chalk From Hair? – The Correct Way To remove Hair chalk colors!

As summer comes, hair chalking is back to our sight. Not like in 2012 or 2013, there are very few hair chalk brands available on market, but today, if you google “hair chalking” you will find tons of suppliers and brands of hair chalks. This is the good thing, for customers we can choose our best hair chalk brands and pay the most affordable prices as we want.

But yesterday I got a friend message on Facebook and who asked me the question :” How to remove hair chalk from my hair? Plus, I am blonde :) ”, suddenly this message made my feel odd. I did not realize that there are still question need to answer like this.  Since hair chalking is so popular, I thought if people can do hair chalking, they must have the power to remove them from their hair.  Obviously I was wrong!  Removing hair chalk color still could be problem.

So Here I will share a few tips for removing hair chalk color.

As we all know the instruction from almost every hair chalk unit we buy,  which they said: “to remove hair chalk, just shampoo your hair and the color will fade!” 

I guess this is very unclear to some of customers who may think:”Fade?!!” what “fade” means? I do not want “fade”, I just need to get all the colors out of my hair!!!! I totally understand the situation cause I had been there.  So here comes the solution, follow these tips step by step and you should remove the colors completely.

1. Do not use shampoo, just use the hot water to wash your hair.

2. Apply shampoo, wash your hair carefully and make the washing procedure as long as possible, this can make the color(s) washed out completely.

3. Use hot water to sweep shampoo.

Why this works! Because if we shampoo our hair first instead of washing our hair with hot water, the chaff scale of our hair will not be activated, and the colors of hair chalk will still stay inside of hair structure. This makes the color difficult to remove.  Once you use hot water to activate your chaff scale of your hair,  it will be much easier to wash out the colors.