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2012 Trendy Hair Coloring Products Comparison -Hair Color Rub(02)

In the last post, we have talked about the temporary hair coloring product-color bugs. In this post, i would like to share some experience with hair color rubs. I want to talk about how it works and some tips you should know when dying your hair at home with this product.

chalking your hair with color rubs

chalking your hair with color rubs

Hair color rub is the newest generation of temporary hair coloring products. So theoretically speaking, it has the most advantages among the three. Compared with the other two, the color rub is the most beautiful designed item. It looks like a eye shadow, very elegant and easy to carry. You can always put it into your purse. So you can color your hair anywhere, anytime you like. Think you have a party after a whole day’s work, now you just take 5 minutes you can wear a fashion new look.

Among the above three products, it gives a most natural look. Color bug may stain your hair and looks stiff, and after using the hair color chalk i found my hair a little dry.For color rub, the powder texture is very fine and smooth.  Every time you just need to use a small volume. No complicated instructions, just chalking your hair by rubbing the color onto your hair. It pigment soon. Usually i can stay on your hair for a whole day , but you can always wash them out anytime.

I have a dark brown hair and i love the fushia color the most. I chalk my hair every 2 or 3 days, either chalking the hair ends or several strands for highlights. It really brings me much fun. I already used this color rub for more than a month, it still have some volume. However good this product is, i suggest you don’t use it too often. You should know this is not professional hair dying products. But it is good and fun for some party or fun use. No commitment, easy to use and affordable price!

chalking your hair in pink-temporary hair chalking

In case you are new on this product, i would kindly share some” dos”"don’t” that you should pay attention when applying hair color rub. I have made some fool mistake when i first knew the product.

—–use the hair color rub on the outside hair, not inner hair, or the colorful power may stick here and there on your clothes.

—–never use this in rainy days if you don’t want to be a colorful dog.

—-dark hair need more volume to make it looks bright and showy.

—-don’t wear your best clothes and wear darker colored skirt or shirts if possible.

—-let a flat iron or hair curler help seal the color onto your hair. So they won’t drop much.

If you want to share your experience with hair color rubs, just send us email. In the coming posts, i would like to talk about hair color chalks. If you have great interest in these products, just keep an eye on our official website.

Hope this may help. In the coming blog post, i would like to talk about hair color chalks. Hope you will like it too!

If you want to order hair color rubproducts, please visit our official ONLINE STORE. Thank you!