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2012 Trendy Hair Coloring Products Comparison- Hair Color Bug(01)

Hair color bug was created by Kevin.Murphy, a famous Australian stylist, at the end of last year. This product can be used for temporary hair coloring. Compared with traditional hair dying products which requires complicated instructions, long time commitment and cost much, this new product is wonderful especially for girls who want to color their hair for party, and wash them out when back to school.

2012 trendy hair color products-hair chalk,hair color rub and color bug

While people may found that more and more celebrities and stylish girls are using this kind of temporary hair coloring products the earlier this 2012. In general, there are 3 hottest temporary hair color items, including color bugs,hair chalk and hair color rub. Actually i have tried all the above hair coloring products, personally, i would like hair chalk and color rubs better.

Let is talk about color bugs first. It is sold in Kevin.Murphy’s salons all over the world. This product is kind of oil texture thing. It is easy to pigment on your hair, and color adhere to your hair easily. But this will makes your hair stiff, all the colored strands are stick with each other. I think this kind of product are good for those people who are going to have a show or who are going to have a special hairstyle like twisted the hair up. Anyway, i don’t think it is looks good when your have your hair down after coloring with the bugs.

colorful hair the most trendy hair color products

colorful hair the most trendy hair color products

The most advantage of the color bug is they adhere long time on your hair, as long as you don’t wash out, they will still there! But hair chalking and hair rubs will fallen off and fade as time goes by.

Actually, most of people are using these products just for fun! They are party animal’s best friends. Rub them on for the party, and wash out for school or office. So why not give it a try? If you want to try the color bugs, you may need to order from local salon by Kevin.Murphy, which cost around $25 for one bug. If you want to try real hair chalk or color rub, you can order online. You can get almost everything your need from haircolorchalks.com.

In the coming posts, i will write more about hair pastel chalk and hair color rub. So just keep an eye on us and we will bring your more funky stuffs.