2012 Trendy Hair Color Using Hair Color Chalk

What is the most trendy hair color this season? I would like to say hot pink and teal blue get the most score. Such bright colors are girls’ best choice in summer days. However, you don’t want to wear the same hair color all the season. Now why not try our hair color chalk? Which allow a temporary hair color with very affordable price.

If you are ordering this hair chalking product because your little kid is asking for. I would like to suggest you order some hair color chalk pastel. We have 12pack which only cost $13.59. There are 12 different colors for your choice. That would be great for a new guy who never used this product before.

However, if you have ever used hair chalk and want to use it for your usual party. I would suggest you try some hair color rub which looks like an eye shadow but it is a real professional temporary hair dying product. You can put it in your purse and add some nice color to your hair anywhere any time. It pigment easily. You will fall in love with this amazing product since you ever tried it.

Here i would like to share one nice pictures which are shared by our lovely fans. Hope you like it.

2012 trendy hair color for women, hair chalking by

2012 trendy hair color for women, hair chalking by

How to Chalk Dye A Party Hair?

Have a party tonight? Want something special for your hair? Now the newest hair chalking craze would be your best choice. It is so popular and in the past few months this crazy trend has spread to all over the world. This temporary hair dying product is easy to use,affordable and quite fun. Why not give it a try?

Some girls have problem how to best use these hair chalks? First you should learn some basic skills and find your best way to chalk dying your hair. There is many tips and tutorial on YouTube. You may find the one which are suitable for you. Find your best colors. There are 12pack,24pack and 48pack hair color chalk on the market. From so many colors, you should choose some colors match your skin, clothes and hair colors.

Give yourself a wonderful makeup to match your hair colors. Here i will share with you one picture from lovely Amber. You may get some inspiration from her. Or if you have any ideas, just share with us.

Hair color chalk, hair chalks, Copyright@ 2012

Hair color chalk, hair chalks, Copyright@ 2012

Hair Color Chalk, A Wonderful Gift for Your Little Girls

Little girls are always changing their mind so quick. They want a pink hair this moment, but they will change their mind the other day. Most kids want changeable hair color specially in summer days.Lots of parents are very considered when it comes to coloring a kids head. They worry most about damage to hair,health issues or the hair texture changing. If your child want highlights in hair hair this summer, now you don’t need to worry much. We have good products for you- Hair color chalk. They are easy to pigment, and can be washed out easily when you don’t want it.

Hair Color Chalk for Kids Copyrights owned by

We have specially designed one hair color chalk, or you can call it color rubfor hair dying. These hair fusion is the professional hair makeup-we use natural ingredients for this creation without harsh chemicals,no damage to your hair. You don’t need to worry they will harm your hair or the kids health. They are easy to carry and use. Just rub them on, and wash them out with water. Easily change your hair color with affordable prices.

hair color chalk, color rub,hair dying, copyright owned by

This amazing temporary hair dying product will be a wonderful gift for your little girls this summer.

Rainbow Hair- Chalking Your Hair Colorful !

Rainbow hair is everywhere! Stylish girls even many celebrities are getting crazy on this newest chalking hair trend. It is may the simplest way to have a colorful head. What you need is only a hair chalk, some water, a few minutes, and you got a total new look. Temporary, affordable and easy, there is no reason that we don’t give it a try!

You may have find so many pictures that those beautiful girls all have very attracting colorful hair. But as a beginner, i kindly suggest you try fewer colors one time on your head. When you are getting familiar with chalking hair, you can try some complicated rainbow hair wearing several bright colors at the same time.

Here i will show you some pictures which may give you some inspiration on how to style your hair with hair chalks.

chalking your hair in purple

For black hair like most of Asia people, purple color would be a great choice. Not because the purple color itself is beautiful, it also can make a great contrast with the rest of black hair.I strongly suggest girls who own black hair try some purple hair chalk

dye hair in purple with hair color chalk

Another purple hair by pastel chalks.The beauty cleverly choose a black dress so her purple hair would likes bright and vivid.

chalk your hair in pink

Pink hair is always loved by girls. Whatever your hair color is ,pink is always a popular and trendy color. There are also many other colors which is super hot this 2012 summer, like turquoise, blue,hot pink.and other rainbow colors.

In the coming posts, i would show you more about pics about how to style your hair with hair chalk.