60 years old mom hair chalked her hair to surprise her daughter in Xmas!

I have ever seen a 60 yeared old Mom (really cool BTW) dyed her hair with all pink hair chalks. The only reason she did this is because her daughter wanted her to do this. And finally before xmas of last year, She dyed her hair with all pink.

60 years old mom with hair chalk

60 years old mom with hair chalk

When I heard she said: ”I asked my 18 year old daughter what she wanted for Christmas and she said she wanted me to have lavender hair, so I did it to surprise her!” I was so touched  and I thought this was really a good idea and no doubt she is a cool mother.

What you think?

2012 Trendy Hair Color Using Hair Color Chalk

What is the most trendy hair color this season? I would like to say hot pink and teal blue get the most score. Such bright colors are girls’ best choice in summer days. However, you don’t want to wear the same hair color all the season. Now why not try our hair color chalk? Which allow a temporary hair color with very affordable price.

If you are ordering this hair chalking product because your little kid is asking for. I would like to suggest you order some hair color chalk pastel. We have 12pack which only cost $13.59. There are 12 different colors for your choice. That would be great for a new guy who never used this product before.

However, if you have ever used hair chalk and want to use it for your usual party. I would suggest you try some hair color rub which looks like an eye shadow but it is a real professional temporary hair dying product. You can put it in your purse and add some nice color to your hair anywhere any time. It pigment easily. You will fall in love with this amazing product since you ever tried it.

Here i would like to share one nice pictures which are shared by our lovely fans. Hope you like it.

2012 trendy hair color for women, hair chalking by

2012 trendy hair color for women, hair chalking by

How to Chalk Dye A Party Hair?

Have a party tonight? Want something special for your hair? Now the newest hair chalking craze would be your best choice. It is so popular and in the past few months this crazy trend has spread to all over the world. This temporary hair dying product is easy to use,affordable and quite fun. Why not give it a try?

Some girls have problem how to best use these hair chalks? First you should learn some basic skills and find your best way to chalk dying your hair. There is many tips and tutorial on YouTube. You may find the one which are suitable for you. Find your best colors. There are 12pack,24pack and 48pack hair color chalk on the market. From so many colors, you should choose some colors match your skin, clothes and hair colors.

Give yourself a wonderful makeup to match your hair colors. Here i will share with you one picture from lovely Amber. You may get some inspiration from her. Or if you have any ideas, just share with us.

Hair color chalk, hair chalks, Copyright@ 2012

Hair color chalk, hair chalks, Copyright@ 2012

Hair Color Chalk, A Wonderful Gift for Your Little Girls

Little girls are always changing their mind so quick. They want a pink hair this moment, but they will change their mind the other day. Most kids want changeable hair color specially in summer days.Lots of parents are very considered when it comes to coloring a kids head. They worry most about damage to hair,health issues or the hair texture changing. If your child want highlights in hair hair this summer, now you don’t need to worry much. We have good products for you- Hair color chalk. They are easy to pigment, and can be washed out easily when you don’t want it.

Hair Color Chalk for Kids Copyrights owned by

We have specially designed one hair color chalk, or you can call it color rubfor hair dying. These hair fusion is the professional hair makeup-we use natural ingredients for this creation without harsh chemicals,no damage to your hair. You don’t need to worry they will harm your hair or the kids health. They are easy to carry and use. Just rub them on, and wash them out with water. Easily change your hair color with affordable prices.

hair color chalk, color rub,hair dying, copyright owned by

This amazing temporary hair dying product will be a wonderful gift for your little girls this summer.

Will Pastel Chalk Damage Hair?

Hair color chalk has been the hottest trend this season and many teens are wearing colorful hair dyed by pastel chalk. While there are some guys who also love this trend but  they are just afraid this item will damage their hair. Since i have used this new hair dye product for few months, i would like to share experience with you.

Actually this hair color chalk will stain your hair if not proper used. This pastel chalk is fun and very good for a temporary hair color, but remember that they are NOT professional hair color dye product so don’t use it too often. And you’d better use some water spray and some hair moisturizing products. Coz some guys may found their hair become quite dry after chalking it. In this case you should pay more attention to care your hair before and after chalking.

Hair color rub hair chalk by

Hair color rub hair chalk by

Here are some instructions that will be good for your hair when chalking it up:

&Don’t chalk your hair too often. There is no problem that you want a new look after work for the night out or party, but never chalk your hair everyday.

&Water spray your hair before chalking and apply some moisturizer for your hair after wash the chalk out.

&Chalk your hair slightly in one direction.

Choose the best temporary hair dye product is another way to make sure your hair away from damage. Hair color rub is the new generation of hair chalk. Compared with hair chalk, color rub is easy to carry and pigment better.What is more, this item is specially created for hair chalking. If possible, we suggest you try some color rub for your hair.

Where to Buy Hair Color Chalk and Color Rubs?

Temporary hair dye is one of the most hottest topic this season. Many stylish people and salons are trying to figure out whether this trend works well. Or they are just another crazy fads after feather fashion. Where to buy hair color chalk or color rub? I saw many folks are asking questions like this.

where to buy cheap wholesale hair color rub, hair color chalk is on this hair chalking business. We are a young company of creative and passionate people who love colors and imagination. Our products includes hair color chalk and hair color rub, which are the most trendy temporary hair dying product this season.

Everyone from hipsters to children to Hollywood celebrities is embracing the runway fad for brightly colored hair, using soft pastel chalk and color rub. They wash out in the shower, allowing for temporary rocker style. There is no commitment, no complicated instructions, you can easily change your hair color with your mood! Our Hair chalk and color rub work for any types of hairs(blond,black, brown or red!).

At any given time,at least one of us is sure to have hair chalk or rub in our hair. We are selling a product which we really in love with and we are using it ourselves! We ship worldwide with very affordable price and very good quality. To encourage small business like us, we also wholesale our good products to many distributors with nice discounts.

If you have interest in this hair chalking items, just let your friends know.

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2012 Trendy Hair Coloring Products Comparison -Hair Color Chalk(03)

In the last blog posts we have talked about two kinds of temporary hair coloring products – hair color rub and color bug. Today in this post, i would like to share some experience when using hair color chalks. Among all the trendy temporary hair dye items, this one might be the most cost effective and super easy to apply!

temporary hair dye with pastel chalk

temporary hair dye with pastel chalk

Hair color chalk cost less and really easy to use compared with other two temporary hair dye products. You can order one pack soft pastel chalk with only a little more than 10 bucks. You got 12 different colors which allow you change your hair color with your mood. This kind of hair chalk really needs small volume every time. So i guess if you order one 12 color set or 24 color set hair chalk, there is no need to buy another pack the whole year. It is really a good purchase!

The reason why i highly recommend this product is not because it is very affordable but also because it is super easy to dye hair at home. Even you never know this fad item, you can learn how to apply it by only a few pictures. Anyway, this is not a professional hair color dye product. You can use it to have a fresh look for parties, night out or necessary. But do not use it too often. That will be no good to your hair.  Here is some tips and suggestion you should pay attention when chalk dye your hair:

temporary hair dye-chalk your hair in teal blue

—–use the hair color chalk on the outside hair, not inner hair, or the colorful power may stick here and there on your clothes.

—–never use this in rainy days if you don’t want to be a colorful dog.

—-dark hair need more volume to make it looks bright and showy.

—-don’t wear your best clothes and wear darker colored skirt or shirts if possible.

—-let a flat iron or hair curler help seal the color onto your hair. So they won’t drop much.

If you are a big fun of these new temporary hair dye products, welcome to email us to share your experience. Now this colorful hair chalking products are available on our online store. Enjoy chalking your hair!

Rainbow Hair, Chalk Hair Dye

2012 Trendy Hair Coloring Products Comparison- Hair Color Bug(01)

Hair color bug was created by Kevin.Murphy, a famous Australian stylist, at the end of last year. This product can be used for temporary hair coloring. Compared with traditional hair dying products which requires complicated instructions, long time commitment and cost much, this new product is wonderful especially for girls who want to color their hair for party, and wash them out when back to school.

2012 trendy hair color products-hair chalk,hair color rub and color bug

While people may found that more and more celebrities and stylish girls are using this kind of temporary hair coloring products the earlier this 2012. In general, there are 3 hottest temporary hair color items, including color bugs,hair chalk and hair color rub. Actually i have tried all the above hair coloring products, personally, i would like hair chalk and color rubs better.

Let is talk about color bugs first. It is sold in Kevin.Murphy’s salons all over the world. This product is kind of oil texture thing. It is easy to pigment on your hair, and color adhere to your hair easily. But this will makes your hair stiff, all the colored strands are stick with each other. I think this kind of product are good for those people who are going to have a show or who are going to have a special hairstyle like twisted the hair up. Anyway, i don’t think it is looks good when your have your hair down after coloring with the bugs.

colorful hair the most trendy hair color products

colorful hair the most trendy hair color products

The most advantage of the color bug is they adhere long time on your hair, as long as you don’t wash out, they will still there! But hair chalking and hair rubs will fallen off and fade as time goes by.

Actually, most of people are using these products just for fun! They are party animal’s best friends. Rub them on for the party, and wash out for school or office. So why not give it a try? If you want to try the color bugs, you may need to order from local salon by Kevin.Murphy, which cost around $25 for one bug. If you want to try real hair chalk or color rub, you can order online. You can get almost everything your need from

In the coming posts, i will write more about hair pastel chalk and hair color rub. So just keep an eye on us and we will bring your more funky stuffs.

hair color chalking pictures!

hair color chalking pictures

hair color chalking pictures

how to chalk your hair?

hair color chalk pictures

how to do hair chalk?


hair color chalks

hair chalking pictures

do hair chalk

how to chalk my hair

hair chalking

green hair color chalk

blue hair color chalk

hair color chalk pink

hair color chalking

hair color chalking

Do hair Color chalks
Hair color chalking



Chalk your hair?! Yes,Chalking is the new trend!

First, models with streaks of pastel-hues rocked European catwalks and magazine spreads. Now South Florida stylists say this colorful trend has popped up stateside, with young girls and women brightening their tresses through “chalking.”

Chunky pastel sticks or other chalk-like products give tresses a new look that’s bright but temporary.

“I figured it was an easier way to color your hair without actually damaging it,” said Summer Halliday, 16, of Fort Lauderdale who added streaks of purple to her blond locks. “All my friends love it. I like it. It makes me feel happy.”

Users and stylists say chalking is fun and easy to do (it can be done at home or a salon). In the world of hair treatments, it’s fairly cheap. People are using sidewalk chalk from art supply stores, which can cost about $6 a case, or similar chalking-like products at their local salon for $15 to $45, depending on the salon and how much of the coloring product is used.

Alexander’s G’Day Spa and Salon in Fort Lauderdale is getting requests from mostly girls ages 12 to 16.

“But it’s been really good for office workers who are conservative who want to do something different,” said the owner, Alexander. “It’s a temporary thing so they can go back to work Monday and have a different expression.”

Singers Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Selena Gomez have helped spark the craze by sporting candy-colored tresses during performances. The look has also been a running theme this season on The CW’s “America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion,” with stylists giving the aspiring models makeovers with similar rainbow-dipped hues.

Former MTV reality star Lauren Conrad, who has a collection at Kohl’s department stores, has blogged about how to chalk on her site. Her February post has garnered more than 400 comments. Bloggers have also been posting online chalking tutorials. One video by celebrity makeup artist Kandee Johnson has drawn more than 790,000 hits since February.

“This is a way kids can try on hair color, and they can have fun without their mothers killing them when they get home,” said Mark Calderone, a hair colorist at the Dorjon Salon in Boca Raton, whose 23-year-old niece has tried the trend.

He recently saw the pastel color hair look at an Aveda event at The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater. Models there sported soft bright-color hair from “baby-chick Tweety yellow” to cotton candy pink.

“It was really funky and cool. You could see the influence,” he said.

Of course, there’s one downside to chalking. “If you are chalking, just don’t get caught in the rain,” said Micki Mazza, a master colorist at Robert Allen Salon in Fort Lauderdale. “It drips and can make a mess of your clothes. I would definitely recommend that they replenish the hair with good products. Imagine how dry chalk feels on your hands.”