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What is the best hair chalk color for dark brown/black hair?

We have got many feedback from our fans who said that the hair chalk color is not working for their dark hairs, some of them have black hair and some have brown hair. So here in this post we will share the experience with hair chalking for dark hairs.

so we already know that almost every colors works great on blonde hair. The questions, what are the best colors for dark hairs like Asian hair (almost black) or brown hair?  Or the question is “Does hair chalk even work for dark hair?”

the answer is YES!

While we are trying to explain the fact the hair chalk is not just for blonde hai but we did get many pictures from our fans showing that the colors do not show on their dark hairs. WHY?

The reason for this is that you have to pick the best colors for your dark hair. As proved, the best colors for dark brown hair are blue, pink and purple. The best colors for black hair is red, purple and pink, white (if yo dare!)

And as we know, there are two kinds of hair chalks: Pastel chalk and makeup pack.

We tested both of these two kinds of hair chalks, and it turned out the makeup pack hair chalk worked better on dark hair then the stick pastel ones.

We tried to find out why and the reason is the ingredients of hair chalks(although we do not know what exact in each ingredient make the difference), but the makeup pack hair chalks are more soft and the color   adhesiveness is way better than the pastel chalks.   I know many girls tried to chalk their hair with pastel chalk and followed the instruction to wet their hair or chalk first before applying. But for the round makeup hair chalk, you do not need to do this and the colors are showing great too.

Here’s some pictures of the dark hair with hair chalks we collected:

green hair chalk for brown hair

Green / Turquoise hair chalk for black hair

Blue hair chalk for black hair

Blue hair chalk for black hair

purple hair chalk for black hair

Where to Find the Best Hair Color Manufacturer?


We have got many queries from our customers about the subject” where to find the best hair color product” manufacturer?” And we have heard many positive and negative feedback about their current suppliers. And to answer the questions about “sourcing hair color products”, we decided to launch this post, if you are looking for some information about finding the best hair color products(hair chalk, hair dye, hair extension, ombre hair….etc) supplier, this post is for you.

Usually when we tried to find something, we can google it to locate the right place. But sometimes it is really hard to find the right information in the ocean of google results. But you spend more time on the subject you will finally get what you want. But here in this post, we are not talking about “Google”.

1. Alibaba.

Alibaba is always an option if you want to find some supplier for your business. It is not only for hair color products, but for any items(made in China!). There are tons of suppliers on Alibaba providing all kinds of service including Importing, wholesale and bulk buy or drop ship.

The only issue about this website is that it does not verify the vendors.  There are some quality suppliers who supply quality hair color products with decent cost, but here are also some individual business owner or trading companies who do not care much about the product quality and price, or service. So when you are looking into this website, you better keep your eye open and keep in mind to test your vendor and always remember to get samples before placing your order with them.

2. Aliexpress

Aliexpress is another website belongs to Alibaba Group. They provide small order service for customers from all over world. The point about Aliexpress is that they accept any order size no matter you want to buy 1 set or 100 sets or 1000 Sets. You can always find the seller willing to deal with you. But based on experience given by our customers, you better do not expect they ship the quality products to you with good business manner.  Because there are tons of sole business owners there who have no sense to make business better.  But there are tons of items which is truly exist, if you want to buy a small quantity, you may want to take your chance.


This is a US based company who supplies good quality products for USA & Europe customers, their products cover hair chalks, feather hair extensions, hair crystalz, and hair ties.   Why I mentioned this company is because one of our customers has very good experience with them.


This is another US based company who supplies hair chalk products. They do ship worldwide with great quality products. And they also carry feather hair extensions, which domain is We have been doing business with them for over 3 years.


Kisspat Merchandise Ltd is a professional beauty products supplier based in Hong Kong.  They have got hair chalks, feather extensions, Ombre hair, hair color extensions and many more good products.  Their trading website is

Hair Chalk-What’s the difference between the Stick chalk and “Round Container” pack hair chalk?

We have got many fans’ feedback about the question” I saw many merchants taking two different hair chalks, some are packed with box set and chalks are stick ones, and some are packed with round plastic container( looks like the eyeshadow), so what’s the difference between these two chalks?” or What  kind of chalk should I buy?

Well, actually this is a good question cause we can not find any answerse on internet so we decided to answer the questions by ourselves.

At first, when the hair chalk was “officially” became a product, there was only boxed pack hair chalks like this:

The first product of hair chalk is made by pastel chalk which is not designed for “hair dying” at all, it was for drawing pictures(that’s what chalks do, right?), and some beauty guru found it is also good for hair coloring, so they brought this trend to the public. Very soon, it became very popular. And some merchants developed new ingredients and made new chalk sticks which were specially good for hair coloring.  These new chalks were made by softer materials and had better coloring attribute.  People always can not tell which is the chalk for drawing pictures which are professional hair chalks, because they look exact the same, except the package will tell which is hair chalk.

These hair chalks are fund and easy enough to use.(it’s never been difficult, to be honest!). But then some big players in the market, like some cosmetic factories found a better way to pack the hair chalk powder. They use the eye shadow container to pack hair chalk powder.  This is a big progress because the hair chalk product became more easy to carry and storage. Usually when we use the pastel sticks, it was almost one-time thing, because we do not know how to stock the rest of one stick. But with these new packs of hair chalks, we do not have such problem. We just close the cover and chalk will be safe.

So in fact, the boxed hair chalk and makeup pack hair chalks are the same kind of product but only with different packs. But here I still want to answer some of the most concerned questions.

1. Is the two chalks the same?  For ingredients?

Answer: basically the same. But some brands of makeup pack hair chalks are much softer to use so I think they added some more materials to it.

2. Which kind of hair chalks are better for me?

Answer: It all depends on you. If you like the wild experience of DIY hair chalk at home, you should buy boxed hair chalks. If you want to carry them easily, you should my makeup pack.

3. Which kind of hair chalk better for brown/black hair?

Answer: The makeup pack. It is tested and the makeup pack hair chalk works better on dark hairs. The colors will be rubbed on easier than pastel chalks.

4. Why the makeup pack hair chalk more expensive?

Answer: yes, I noticed that too. I guess the reason is that they use better packages and they are mostly from big manufacturers or brands, so the price are higher.