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Does Hair Chalk work for Dark hair? (Black, Brown, red hairs)

Hair Chalking is all on trend now but some girls with black and brown hair are still not sure if the hair chalks word on dark hair. Here if you read this post you will find the answer on this subject:  Does Hair chalk work for Dark Hair(Black, Brown or red)?

I must say that if you have got blonde hair, then hair chalking is perfect for you, almost every color work perfectly on your hair. The multi hair chalk colors are very bright when rubbed on blonde hair.  But for brown Hair, not all colors are good for them. For example, if your hair is black, then you should avoid below colors:

yellow, brown, black, orange, dark purple. These colors have similar light spectrum as black, they will not look very evident on black hair.  The whole effect will not be good. Instead if you have black hair, you should choose hot pink, teal blue, light purple and lime colors. These colors are bright enough to light up the whole strands of hair and bring you the real hair chalking look.   Also I have heard feedback from customers claimed for black hair, the colors are not easy to rub on. This is some how true. In this case, I will recommend you to wet your hair first before applying hair chalks.  Because the water will make the colors stick to your hair sections much more easily. And also for black hairs, you should rub more colors on hair than blonde hair since the colors will “fade” faster than blonde. ( It’s not real faster but even there’s very few colors on blonded hair, they will still be very evident, but with black hair, it require more volume  of hair chalk colors)

For brown and red hair, I think the best colors are puple, hot pink lime and green.  As tested, the green color works great on brown hair. The reason is that the two different colors from hair to chalk can provide a binocular disparity. Like black hairs, you also should avoid dark hair chalk colors.

Brown hair with hair chalksBrown hair with hair chalks

If you want the colors to stay in your hair more steadily and with longer time, you can flat iron your hair a little bit after rubbing on the chalks. This will help the chalk colors combining better with your hair. And make the chalk materials not that easy to fade.

Buy Hair Chalk wholesale? Donot Miss Kisspat Hair Chalk?

Many People Are looking for Hair Chalk product wholesale program. Here in this post we will introduce you the best hair chalks wholesale supplier- Kisspat Merhcandise Ltd.  Kisspat not only supply the best hair chalking products, they also provide customers Extensive choice on hair feather extensions and magic leverag products.

hair chalk wholesalehair chalk wholesale

Hair Chalk is all on trend now, if you are a salon owner or boutique owner, you must have wondered where to get wholesale prices of hair chalk products?  Here in this post I will introduce Kisspat Hair Chalk Wholesale for you.

Hair Chalk wholesale

Hair Chalk wholesale

Kisspat Merchandise Ltd is a professional hair beauty products supplier whose products cover Hair Color chalk, hair feathers, magic hair rollers and many other hair accessories. They now also a superior hair chalk wholesale program for salons and shops, distributors. You can see the details here:

All the wholesale products are made in USA with high quality and proper packaging. And the best point is Kisspat Offers Low wholesale prices based on the order quantity. So if you are buyer for your shop or online business, you better check it out and get started right now!

Basically the hair chalk is new stuff and before you starting to sell it you should get to know a few thins:

1. What kind of hair chalk do you want to take? There are round tube hair color chalk set which is good for retail and display. Also there are pastel chalks which packed in paper boxes,  they are cheap and well packed, they are good for salons to used them as hair chalking service in their salon.

2. If you are going to order large with or you are distributor in your area, keep in mind to check the lowest distributor prices with supplier. The cost should be much lower than regular wholesale prices.

3. If you want to add logo or your business artwork on the pack, you should let the supplier know first, because the cost may be different. And the order processing time may be longer. And for this procedure, they also require a minimum order quantity for the factory to get started.

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